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Temporary Leave From My Column

Melanie Sturm | @ThinkAgainUSA Read Comments - 2
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Wed, 04/13/2016


Thank you for visiting my website. Unfortunately, I am temporarily on leave from my column to assist an ailing family member. 


Having recently been elected a Colorado Delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July, I’m brimming with thoughts to share, which I look forward to doing as soon as I’m able.


It’s a commentary on the appeal of political outsiders this year that a complete “newbie” and severe critic of the Republican Party could win election as a national delegate. Even more astonishing, I was elected to serve on one of the four RNC committees governing the convention, which promises to be as chaotic as it will be historic.


I’m honored to represent Colorado and look forward to sharing my reflections, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, I hope you'll peruse my commentary, which explains why I decided to work to recover the Republican party's bedrock constitutionalist principles so it can better represent its voters.



Melanie Sturm

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Missing your wisdom, but

Missing your wisdom, but knowing of course that you're caretaking is the wise thing to do.


I hope all is better and I

I hope all is better and I assume which member of your family is ill. I am as you know for Sen. Cruz BUT I am for ANY Republican. Take care.
I know you will be busy with the convention and then the Bar Mitsvah of your son in Jerusalem.

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